United hatzala Service Contract

The A to Z Experience contracts with United Hatzalah to accept a flat price of $3,000.00 to provide a predetermined menu and experience for 30 guests only and no more. The event will only be reserved and finalized upon submitting this form and making the total payment upfront by one party only, in the form of either cash in person or credit card on the A to Z Tock link (provided by A to Z). If the party is fewer than 30, United Hatzala will still need to provide the total flat cost of $3,000.00.

As per verbal agreement, this $3,000.00 cost will include 1 sous chef and 1 porter (provided by Ariel,) but will not cover remainder of staff: 3 servers (also to be provided by Ariel with a separate agreed upon budget with United Hatzala), 1 porter/cleaner (provided by UH) and 1 additional sous chef (also provided by UH).

United Hatzala will also need to provide transportation for Ariel and all produce/utensils both to and from the event, otherwise budget an additional $100 in transportation costs for an SUV that can sufficiently contain all A to Z materials. This event will not be reserved without full payment including additional costs of last minute add-ons, transportation, servers, porters, and misc etc.

For the day of the event, Chef Ariel will need to prepare the work place of the event for a minimum of 12 hours prior to event start time and he will need to view the work space one time in person at least 24 hours before the event.

Ariel will have access to the entire kitchen including all appliances, silverware, pans, pots, glasses, cutlery and dishes etc. for the total number of guests. Host will also provide: metal silverware (incuding steak knives), wine, scotch, water and ice for guests. Host must clearly indicate separation of meat and dairy utensils and Ariel is not responsible for mixing these up.

Host must indicate the exact time of the event and be punctual, otherwise a $500 surcharge will be added for every 45 minutes of delay.

A to Z is not responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen (although we will do our best) or for any type of damage or loss of host’s or guests’ Property. Please remove any and all valuable or fragile items from the kitchen and the walking area of the Experience crew.

Based on availability and in order to guarantee the quality of the Experience, menus are subject to be modified without prior notice (although this will be greatly avoided). A to Z must be notified a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any and all allergies and/or dietary restrictions of hosts and guests. Chef Ariel will not make last minute accommodations for anyone who does not provide information on their personal limitations beforehand.  

All sales are final, no refunds and/or cancellation policy.

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