Service Contract

1. The A to Z Experience is a boutique culinary group that delivers a private gastronomic experience, delighting your guests in the comfort of your home using our Pop Up Kitchen Model.

2. In NYC, the Experience costs $110.00 per person. This includes a 6 course meal and 2 complimentary drinks.

3. Add-ons offered for our NYC tour are:

A. Three loaves of freshly baked bread (experience comes with only two) - additional $30 for 10-15 guests, $60 for 16-20 guests

B. Beverage pairing - one cocktail or wine with every course, additional $50/per person

C. Truffle Extravaganza - every course with fresh truffles, additional $75/per person

4. Gringo Menus to be found at

Choose between: A. Italiano (dairy) B. Americano (meat) or C. Latino (meat). Menu options cannot be switched once contract signed. Based on availability and in order to guarantee the quality of the Experience, menus are subject to be modified without prior notice.

5. Groups must be a minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 20. If there are less than 10, the group will still be charged as if 10. If more than 20, groups will be billed a surcharge of $120 per person.

Groups of 10-15 will contain one waiter and one porter (dishwasher) and groups of 16-20 will contain two waiters.

A flat cost of $60.00 per waiter and $40.00 per porter will be added to the total amount due. A to Z is not responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen (although we will do our best) or for any type of damage to your property. Please remove any valuable or fragile items from the kitchen and the walking area of the Experience crew.

A $30 flat fee for transportation will also be added, unless dinner is outside of Manhattan, in which case host will have to settle transportation plans on behalf of Chef from beforehand.

6. Dinner dates will only be reserved and finalized upon submitting this form and making the total payment upfront by only one party in either cash or credit card.

No dates will be reserved without full payment including additional costs of add-ons, transportation, waiters and porters.

7. For the day of the event, Chef Ariel will need to prep the place of the event for a minimum of 4 hours prior to commencement. He will have access to the entire kitchen including all appliances, silverware, pans, pots, glasses, cutlery and dishes etc. for the total number of guests. Host will also provide ice and water for guests.

Host must indicate the exact time of the event and be punctual, otherwise a $100 surcharge will be added for every 45 minutes of delay.

8. All sales are final, no refunds or cancellation policy. The final price will include all service.

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